Iran Bon Company (Private Joint Stock) has been established in 1983 in order to perform developing services related to the design and construction Residential, Commercial, Administrative, Industrial and military buildings.

This company has been successfully performed different designing and supervising projects, relying on the scientific experience of its experts . 

Iran Bon Company has been active in different engineering fields such as High Strength Concrete Technology   ( HSC ), writing professional books, including building retrofitting against earthquakes and etc. Also, it has an active role in establishment of Iranian Concrete Institute. 

This company has various licenses from the Programming and Management Organization in the following fields:

  • Architecture: Grade one 
  • Structures: Grade one 
  • Retrofitting: Grade two
  • Construction: Grade one of designing & construction (EPC)
  • Design and construction in the field of retrofitting and passive defense: Grade four 

Iran Bon Company as a reputable engineering company has a close cooperation with various organizations such as Ministry of Foreign Affair, Navy Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ministry of industry, Ministry of Energy, banks, endowments organization & charity affairs, subway, cereal organization, Ministry of Islamic guidance, Ministry of finance, municipalities, the organization of renewing ( renovating ) schools, Astan Qods Razavi and private sections. 

The domain of Iran Bon activities are as follows: 

  • Commercial, official and residential buildings
  • Industrial buildings 
  • Educational and sporting buildings
  • Military buildings
  • Design & Construction (EPC)
  • Structuresrepairing and retrofitting 
  • Infrastructure utilities
  • Subway stations 
  • Cement plants 
  • Dam design

Iran Bon scope of services is as follows: 

  1. Basic and detailed design of residential, commercial, official and industrial buildings, plants, dam designs with manufacturing and installation supervision and technical instructions . 
  2. Projects designing and construction ( building )

This company has been executed more than 120 projects in different parts of the country and overseas such as : 

  • Residential, Commercial and Administrative buildings : 

  • 2000 units, organizational residential building of Velayat marine region, Islamic Republic of Iran Navy in Jask.
  • Commercial & Administrative Complex (17 Floors & 52800 m2) ,Niksaze Mahoor co. in tehran
  • Commercial & Residential Complex (15 Floors & 44000 m2) ,Technical Assistance & Civil of Astan Qods Razavi.
  • Administrative complex of Islamic Republic of Iran Navy's Headquarters(18000 m2) in Bandar Abbas.
  • Administrative complex (11 Floors & 7500 m2) in Sattar Khan,Tehran.
  • Oxin coastal Grand Tower (31 Floors & 57000 m2),in Ahvaz.
  • Oxin centeral Grand Tower (17 Floors & 43500 m2), in Ahvaz.
  • Bagh-e-Behesh Residential comple(346000 m2),Cooperative Foundation,The Islamic Republic of Iran in Saadat Abad,Tehran.
  • Iran  Embassy in Canberra-Australia(5000m2)-Basic Design.
  • 400 units Ekbatan residential buildings of  Tehran university faculty ( 14 floors ) in Tehran
  • 352 units (17 floors) Sharestan residential buildings of Oghab pilots housing cooperative company in Tehran
  • 640 units ( 22 floors ) residential buildings of Farhangian housing cooperative in Tehran pars
  • Melli Bank building ( 10 floors  ) in Karaj
  • Kurdestan Finance and economic affairs organization
  • Renewing ( renovating ) and repairing of the building No.9 of Ministry of foreign affairs ( 2200m2  Iran Embassy in Damascus ( 15000 m2  )  - EPC
  • Iran Embassy in Belarus (6000 m2)–Basic&Detailed Design.
  • International tourism center in Bandar Abbas (6,000,000 m2)
  • Industrial Buildings : 
  • Sepanta Production line foundation
  • Iran Khodro car parts production line foundation
  • Tests and over speed balance of generator's and turbine's Rotors
  • Reconstruction of gas turbines hot parts
  • Malayer, Delfan-Khorram Abad and Mafton Abad Grain silos (20000 ton )
  • Projects design and construction ( EPC ) such as: 

  • Iran Embassy building in Damascus  ( 17000 m2 )
  • Sport complex of general office of physical education organization in Hamedan  ( 3500 m2 )
  • Mehr  projects with 520 Residential units in newly built town of Hashtgerd (52500 m2)
  • Infrastructure utilities and civil works : 
  • Infrastructure utilities and civil works of organizational residential building of Velayat marine region, Islamic Republic of Iran Navy in Jask.
  • Preparing the site of Emam Zadeh Davood developing project.
  • Repairing and retrofitting of Structures :

- Complete retrofitting of Zist Khavar Mashad residential and official structures ( 50000 m2 ), Tejarat Bank.

-Complete retrofitting structures of Kermanshah great Museum, Cultural Heritage Organization ( 6500m2 ) 

  • Retrofitting of Melli Bank Hospital in Tehran ( 22000 m2 )- Melli bank building
  • Seismic improvement of Baghiatollah hospital Central tower (35000 m2 ), Ministry of defense(Under construction) 

-Seismic improvement of Besat hospital ( 90000 m2 ), Ministry of defense ( Under construction )

  • Retrofitting of Yas building in Farmanieh ( 16000 m2 ) – Alghadir Company ( Under construction )
  • Retrofitting of Rajaii Hospital in Qazvin ( 8500m2 )
  • Seismic improvement of command post building of Baghiyatollah University ( appr.4300 m2 )
  • Seismic improvement of Najmeiyeh educational and curing center in Tehran ( 5400 m2  )
  • Quick seismic evaluation of Keshavarzi Banks 
  • Retrofitting & seismic improvement of schools in Tehran, Hamedan, Eastern Azarbayejan, Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, Fars and Zanjan provinces.
  • Subway stations 
  • Subway Station in Hasan Abad Square,Tehran.
  • Northern development tunnel of Tehran line 1 subway
  • Cement Plants:
  • Darab, Hormozgan, Kaboodar Ahang – e – Hamedan and Bardeskan Cement Plants ( 3000t/d ). 
  • Bohrooke – e – Yazd Cement Plant ( 4000 t/d ), phase 1&2 in addition to the designing of prestressing silos ( 35 m diameter , 50m height ) 
  • Masjed Soleiman dam & tourism , economic and cultural complex